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The Female Voyeur (2011)

The Female VoyeurThe Female Voyeur is about women who love to watch and play with sexy men and men who enjoy being desired and devoured by strong females. The Female Voyeur gives women what they want: Hunky men who perform for and give pleasure to women. Powerful, predatory females who experience multiple orgasms. A slow build-up of sexual passion and beautifully photographed visual foreplay. Petra strongly believes that “Contrary to common assumptions women are just as visual as men. Women are voyeurs too - if they get a chance to see what turns them on!”

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Cabaret Desire (2011)

Cabaret DesireThere is a magic and behomian place where people go at night to be told erotic stories. Each guest is assigned a lady or gentleman by a Madame and prepare themselves for the poetic trip they’re about to take. Words flow and desire smoothly invades every corner.

Four tales will be told by these sensual narrators and will lead you to discover lustful places and feelings.

Cabaret Desire is the latest and biggest project by Lust Films. With the help of the Poetry Brothel, excellent actors and performers, Erika Lust managed to create a sexy and arounsing film with a feminine perspective. Her eye for details and her attention to genuine desire transforms the panorama of porn everyday, away from mainstream cliches.

Stars: Leo Galvez, Yoha Galvez, Michelle Blanch, Bel Gris, Lara Tinelli, Lola Fellini

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The Fantasy Project (2014)

The Fantasy Project Nominated for a Feminist Porn Award, 2015
Here it is, my first proper feature film! - Ms. Naughty
The blurb: Kate Eden’s research into female sexual fantasies leads her deep into the erotic imagination of women, a lush world of pleasure without consequences. Her subjects reveal a list of secret desires:  a threesome with two men, a magic room with a male slave who exists only to give pleasure, a full service massage complete with cunnilingus, and a dark exploration of submission and group sex.

Her research is fascinating, arousing and all-consuming. But will Kate’s passion for her work lead her to lose herself – and her relationship?

Starring: Madison Missina, Ryan James, Kara Dasha, Devon, Vivienne L., Harley, Max, Marina Lee, Xavier, Rob Paulson, Jack, Steel, Aeryn Walker, Rex.
(This film includes four separate real-life couples!)

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(S)he Comes (2014)

She ComesThis is the latest film from fave British feminist filmmaker Petra Joy. It features a fab threesome starring Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson and Liandra Dahl and I really liked the whole thing!
The blurb: (S)he Comes features five exciting episodes of authentic lust and sexual pleasure. From passionate couples that fulfil each other’s every desire to an explosive male solo and a very intense threesome – in (S)he Comes women call the shots and the (multiple) orgasms flow freely. She comes, he comes, they come! Enjoy

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Pusion (2014)

InfideliteWinner: Best Direction, 2015 Feminist Porn Awards
The blurb: After completing the final installment of her best-selling Sex Stories trilogy in 2013, controversial French director Ovidie returns with her provocative new film, Pulsion. She explores the concept of sexual addiction, following the story of one woman's attempt to cure herself of this condition. As always, Ovidie combines a French arthouse sensibility with explicit sexual content, telling her story from a feminist perspective.

Stars: Emy Russo, Angell Summers, Tiffany Doll

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The Submission Of Emma Marx: Boundaries (2015)

The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries The sequel to the hugely successful first Emma Marx film.
The blurb: When a new contract is drafted up defining the parameters of their BDSM relationship, Emma realizes that Mr. Frederick is anything but predictable. With new rules pushing her beyond her emotional and sexual limits, Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of erotic excitement. But when someone from Mr. Frederick's past resurfaces, her world is rocked to the very core. Rattled by the realization that sometimes the road to sexual freedom comes with a price, Emma must confront her inner demons and decide whether she's capable of a relationship that challenges the boundaries she's defined for herself.

Starring: Riley Reid, Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, Logan Pierce, Van Wylde

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Getting Cozy (2015)

Getting Cozy The blurb: Recently single Marisa (Allie Haze) is unwillingly sent on a blind date by her best friend (AJ Applegate). Her date Brian (Michael Vegas) is definitely not her type. After a few cocktails though, things get out of hand and Marisa wakes up in his bed. She tries to make her escape but her walk of shame is foiled when she discovers there has been an overnight ice storm. Now Marisa and Brian are stuck together in his apartment over a holiday weekend. With nothing else to do but get to know one another, they both learn that sometimes first impressions are quite wrong.

Starring: Tommy Gunn, Allie Haze, Ryan Mclane, Michael Vegas, Daniel Hunter, Aj Applegate, Scarlet Red

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Heavenly Spire Volumn 1 (2015)

Heavenly SpireThe blurb: Heavenly Spire is a porn of a different color. Inspired by gay pornography and 70's cinema, queer porn filmmaker Shine Louise Houston explores her curiosity about masculine desire. The result is a new, wide-open perspective on male sexuality. Guys share a blowjob while holding hands, a man uses a Magic Wand Vibrator on his penis, a beefcake hunk fucks a pie for the fun of it, and pleasure-hungry viewers see as much attention given to the wonder in mens' faces as they orgasm, as they do glorious pop shots.

The unique project asks performers to describe their fantasies and tell us how they enjoy sex, and then shows us every cinematic detail. Spanning masculine genders, solo hand jobs on pierced cocks, pulsating anal plugs, role-play in bondage, and a bearded make-out session, Heavenly Spire #1 is dedicated to all the feminists who love cock.

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Spicing Up The Marriage (2015)

Spicing Up The Marriage The blurb: When work and responsibility begin to pull a young couple apart, good old fashion love letters serve as the perfect remedy for their dry spell. After dedicating one day a week to satisfying one another, a husband and wife discover that sometimes the hottest sex is the kind you actually planned for. An inhibited woman transforms into an insatiable sex goddess when she allows her husband to photograph erotic nudes of her. Working out becomes the ultimate foreplay after a couple enjoys a steamy encounter at the gym.

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